D12: English Coastal Path


Friday 3rd August 2018

Today miles:  8.4      Total miles: 158.6


Another relatively short day along a pretty stretch of the Northumberland coastline starting in the village of Alnmouth. This time of year it’s particularly busy with holidaymakers but I’m fortunate enough to find a parking space close to Alnmouth golf course.

After walking along the edge of the Aln estuary I crossed over the old stone bridge and joined up with the Northumberland Coastal Path. There’s an excellent cycle track running adjacent to the A1068 all the way from Alnmouth to Warkworth however according to my map there’s a public footpath running closer to the coastline so I head towards it. It’s a path unused for many years and it’s massively overgrown with various nettles and reeds, I’m also wearing shorts which makes things a lot worse. It’s only for a few hundred metres but it requires a lot of effort and when I reached the path proper my legs are horribly scratched, bleeding and stinging. Thankfully the next part of todays walk is across the dunes and is far easier. I switched onto a tarmac path before Warkworth and it takes me towards the public toilet block. It started to rain pretty heavily so I picked up my pace. It’s only a few hundred metres to the town centre and the opportunity to find shelter.

On my approach into Warkworth town centre I come across a family strung out along the path. Dads out front with his weighty backpack, smile on his face and he’s striding forwards purposefully. The mum and 2 kids, soaked, heads down, looking very miserable and dragging their feet. I’m sure mum and kids would rather be sunning themselves on a Spanish beach. It made me giggle to myself. At Warkworth I ducked out of the rain and had a pint of lime and soda whilst waiting for the rain to stop. After about 30 minutes the sun appeared so I made my way out of Warkworth and along the Coquet River towards Amble. On arrival in Amble I checked the bus timetable and the map to find the most convenient place in Amble to end today’s walk. I decided to continue into the town centre, through the harbour area and then onto Amble pier. From there I left the coast and headed for the bus. I’ll be back really soon to continue this walk. Hoping to get some longer days completed in the next few months.

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