Thursday 9th August 2018

Today miles: 11.3             Total miles: 169.9


I had been hoping to get some longer days completed so I could build up the miles, due to the lack of public transport I’m finding it difficult to do anything more then a few hours in one go. Gemma dropped me and Alfie off close to Amble pier about 10am and I quickly made my way along the dunes. It was near High Hauxley that I noticed the first England Coastal Path direction signpost.

My first ECP signpost


It’s a brand new sign recently positioned and I noticed several more throughout today’s route. The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky. There was the occasional encounter with a dog walker and cyclist. Shortly after Low Hauxley I entered the Druridge Bay Country Park and decided to walk Alfie along the beach rather then the minor road.

The next seven miles was walking across the sand. Alfie was slightly annoying as he tried to chase every ball being thrown along the beach. We finally arrived at Cresswell and left the beach. There’s a small shop at Cresswell with a convenient wooden bench to us to rest for a while. I grabbed a can of fizzy pop for myself and an ice cream for Alfie (not that he deserved it). Cresswell is the start/finish point of the Northumberland Coastal path.

After Cressweell I’m forced to walk along the road for a mile before I can return to the grass verge. The enormous power station at Lynemouth is casting a huge shadow in front of me. The dunes at Lynemouth are disappointing, there’s lot of rubbish scattered by fly tippers. It’s a real shame because the whole of the Northumberland Coastline is fantastic and this isn’t something visitors to the area should have to encounter.

Anyway, before I arrived at the front of the power station I left the coastline and walked into the centre of Lynemouth. The bus arrived a short time later and both me and Alfie enjoyed the return journey back home to Alnwick.


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