D10: English Coastal Path


Thursday 19th July 2019

Today miles:  3.2    Total miles:  132.8


    I’ve been working all day today so I didn’t expect to be walking, however after a quick telephone call from Gemma  I was driving to Bamburgh with the intention of meeting her and Alfie and walking to Seahouses for tea and a pint. Leaving Bamburgh we headed straight for the beach! Mainly to allow Alfie the chance to play in the water, which he absolutely loves to do. The beach extends for approximately 2 1/2 miles before we were forced to return to the footpath on the outskirts of Seahouses. After not much more then an hour of walking we were sat and having our evening meal with a couple of pints. 

We set off back towards Bamburgh as the sun began to set, I really like walking at this time of day as it’s generally peaceful and it’s nice watching the sun go down over the horizon. Can’t imagine there’s going to be any other days on the English coastal path as short as this one.

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