Day 91: English Coastal Path


Tuesday 18th April 2023

Today miles: 13.7 Total miles: 1516.7

Some unexpected time off from work had allowed me to return to the English Coastal Path a little earlier in 2023 than I had intended. I’ve booked myself some caravan accommodation for a few days near Bournemouth and hoping to walk for 5-6 days, depending on the weather. After arriving in Fareham I parked up, paid my £3.50, crossed the busy A27 and then set off along the edge of Wallington River. The route is well signposted with several new looking ECP finger posts pointing the way. After a kilometre or so the route takes me inland slightly to avoid the well fenced Bedenham Royal Navy Armaments Depot, before rejoining Portsmouth Harbour at Brockhurst Fort.

The sun was shining but there’s a nice, cool breeze crossing the harbour. I stopped for a quick refreshment break near to Priddys Hard where there was a well maintained WWII memorial. This one was dedicated to the men who took part in the D-Day landings. Dozens of small landing craft, carrying thousands of brave soldiers left this section of the coastline heading for the French coast in 1944. This area, like Portsmouth is rich in Naval history and everywhere I looked I could see something of interest. There are several modern Royal Navy warships in dock, a few older and historically significant vessels, including a Cold War submarine and the Worlds first none wooden ship, HMS Warrior and there’s lots and lots of old Naval buildings.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and took another break at Gosport Marina, watching the ferry making the short journey across Portsmouth Harbour. I passed Fort Monchton and minutes later Fort Bilkicker. The latter looks to have been build into a hillside and is now sadly, in a state of disrepair.

Just before Browndown I again moved away from the coast. For no obvious reason the Solent Way and ECP take separate routes. After walking a few hundred metres along the edge of an unnamed strip of water I found the path was flooded for about 30metres and was sitting in a foot of water. I managed to fight my way through the trees on the other side of the track, picking up several scratches and two sodden, muddy shoes.

At Lee-on-the-Solent I rejoined the Solent Way. The bus service which will take me back to Fareham only operates until 5pm so I’ve now got about 35 minutes to walk the final two and a bit miles. The pavement is easy going and although I don’t normally like to rush I managed to arrive at the bus stop at Stubbington with three minutes to spare. The buses ticket machine wasn’t working property so I was spared the subsidised £2 fare to Fareham. I’ll be getting the same service back to Stubbington tomorrow morning. It’s been a nice gentle and enjoyable start to a week of walking.

2 thoughts on “Day 91: English Coastal Path

  1. Jimmy,
    Been catching up reading your adventures. Very entertaining !


    1. Hi Brent cheers for checking in


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