Day 66: English Coastal Path


Monday 27th March 2022

Today miles: 11.6 Total miles: 1051.7

It’s amazing how much better you feel after a decent nights sleep. I slept a little later than normal as I knew I had a reasonably short day ahead of me and didn’t feel rushed in any way. I recovered my dry shoes from the laundry room, filled up my water bottles, paid my camping fee and returned my neighbours sleeping bag, all before leaving just before 9am. Immediately I noticed the route is well signposted for the English Coastal Path and I set off on the Southern edge of Paglesham Creek and then the River Roach.

There’s a Pill Box on the route and a fisherman sat on the concrete structure, he was visible for miles, sat on the edge of the water in his bright yellow jacket, trousers and hat. We exchanged pleasantries as we passed by and then had a quick chat about each others respective activities.

When I started today I wasn’t entirely sure how far I was going to walk, I just know I’ve got to be in Southend tomorrow night. A check of the map and a quick phone call gets me booked into a room in Rochford, right on the Eastern edge of the Southend London Airport. I’ve just got to walk another 5 miles. Near Barton Hall there’s a huge ten foot mountain of sea shells, these appear to be used as aggregate on lots of the paths around here.

I managed to work my way around the Eastern outskirts of Rochford without any difficulties, crossing several old and rusted bridges crossing the creek. It was still too early to book into my accommodation so I stopped at the first watering hole which served alcohol.
My bed for tonight is a small room located above the local general store. It’s cheap and cheerful but suits my current needs perfectly. After a bath and sorting out a few chores I used the facilities downstairs to grab some food for tea and several snacks for later. I’ll be eating like a king tonight. The weather for next week doesn’t look to clever.

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