Day 59: English Coastal Path

Saturday 6th November 2021


Today miles: 11.3 Total miles: 914.3

Despite feeling tired last night I didn’t sleep particularly well. My right foot was troublesome last night, despite a relaxing bath and painkillers it’s still causing me some irritation this morning. I adjusted my plans and after checking the map I’ve cut down todays miles from almost twenty down to a pathetic eleven.
After a relatively late start I drove South, a short distance to The Hythe and parked up close to the Tesco Superstore before jumping on a bus back to Brightlingsea. There’s the usual early morning dog walkers on the sea wall between Brightlingsea and Thorrington, German Shepherds and black labradors seem to be the popular dog of choice around here. The last mile towards Thorrington along the Alresford Creek isn’t a public right of way and I was pleasantly surprised that the route was easily accessible. I continued along the sea wall to the head of Alresford Creek. At the end of the sea wall the path splits off in two directions and both options are fenced off and signed ’Private Property’. I’m trying to get to Thorrington Tide Mill and I stand around for a few minutes with my hands on my hips, shaking my head and wondering what I should do next. I noticed that one of the routes leads through a private garden. There’s no cars on the driveway and every sign that the house is unoccupied. I took my chances and leapt over the garden fence, quickly running across the edge of the lawn and soon arriving on the B1029. Shortly after passing Thorrington Tide Mill I stopped for an extended break. Its still amazingly warm for early November and there’s no requirement for hats and gloves, yet.

Despite my growing dislike for repetitive sea walls the walk to the Southern edge of Wivenhoe was very enjoyable. The views across the creek were pleasant and there’s a lot of other people out enjoying the decent weather. There’s plenty of various water sports on the creek, including rowing, kayaking and paddle boarding which I must try my hand at one day. At Rowhedge (on the opposite side of the creek) I stopped and admired several crews of young people rowing up and down the water. I spoke to a local man and he told me there’s the annual regatta tomorrow in Rowhedge. An hour later I arrived back in Hythe and my car. I drove down towards Fingringhoe and after having something to eat I found a spot to pitch my tent, making sure I stayed off the firing range.
N.B. Sorry, no photos. Gemma deleted most of the photos (permanently) from my iphone.

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