Day 39: English Coastal Path


Tuesday 21st July 2020

Today miles:  8.9    Total miles:  602.4


   Just a short leisurely stroll today. I packed up my bright red Vango Banshee  tent and immediately set off towards Kings Lynn. It’s a beautiful day, with very few clouds in the sky and the views out towards the Lynn Channel, Great Ouse River and beyond are stunning.

Fishing boat on Ouse.

   I take my time as I walk along the sea embankment towards Admiral Point. The herd of cows, about 30 strong that I had spotted last night close to the path have moved away and are now thankfully some distance away. On reaching the mouth of the Great River Ouse I sat for a while, just watching the fishing boats chugging there way up river and out into The Wash. I counted at least 26 boats. I imagined that these fishermen and their forefathers must have repeated this same journey up the river thousands of times. A little further along the Ouse there’s the start of a tall hedgerow which runs along the Southern bank and unfortunately blocked off my fantastic views. Fortunately, there are plenty of gaps and I stop for a while at each one in turn to take in the stunning scenery. I reach the end of the grassy embankment at West Lynn and then I wind my way through this small village, desperate to get back to the views on the rivers edge. There’s several well placed seats on the path and although I don’t really need a break I can’t resist sitting down, wasting some time and just watching the world go by. I sat there for almost two hours. It’s only a short push until I reach the bridge over the Great River Ouse. Having crossed the river I notice that there’s a strange looking man standing off the path behind some houses. I got an uneasy feeling about him as I walked towards where he was standing. As I got closer he then began to walk slowly towards me. I didn’t need to worry. It turns out that one of his friends has been missing from Kings Lynn for a few days and he was just approaching people to ask if they had seen him. He showed me a photo of his friend and I said I’d contact the local police if I saw him.
Kings Lynn is a pretty town with a long and colourful history. Originally named Bishops Lynn until  the reign of Henry VIII the town has always been focused around the fishing port. If your big into British Naval history then I’d imagine Kings Lynn would be worth an extended visit. I enjoyed walking along the ancient parts of town, stopping to admire the oldest of the buildings. I then just happened to pass by the Globe Hotel, a Wetherspoons pub. I can never resist a cheap traditional breakfast so entered the premises wearing my COVID-19 face covering. After my breakfast I continued my tour of Lynns quayside as far as the Alexandra Docks before I turned inland to find my Hotel. It was still only midday so I decided to catch the bus back to Sutton Bridge, hoping my car was undamaged. Once again I was allowed to park the car overnight at the local police station. A great days walking In a beautiful location.

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