D34: English Coastal Path


Tuesday 19th November 2019           

Todays walk: 10.5 miles      Total walked: 514.5 miles 

After another wonderful breakfast at The Ramblers B and B we took the short cut back through the caravan park to arrive on the English Coastal Path around 9.30am. Once again, it’s forecast to be another nice sunny day.
The first few miles out of Trusthorpe were along the promenade, we passed several rows of brightly coloured beach huts and the occasional small cafe, which unfortunately were all closed as it’s now out of season.

Pretty beach huts.

It was easy walking along the promenade and the miles were being crossed off at a good rate. After approximately 3 1/2 miles we reached the end of the concrete strip and took to the much softer sand. We used the edge of the concrete to sit for a short break and Gemma filled Alfie’s bowl with some cool water. I enjoy walking along sand however doing this continuously along soft sand for several miles can be tough on the old legs and it’s also massively energy sapping. I was pleased to be able to leave the soft sand at Anderby Creek and take to a firmer footpath. The next 2 miles between Anderby Creek and Chapel Point were interesting, we encountered a series of strange looking sea structures. The information board states these are called ‘Structures on the Edge’ and are intended to enhance the walking experience of those visiting the Lincolnshire coast line. The last of these sculptures was located near Chapel Six Marshes.
By now we were both desperate for a hot drink and on reaching the parking area at Huttoft Bank Gemma spotted a cafe and walk off faster then I’ve seen her move all week. Sadly it was just another big disappointment and Gemma’s face told me just how irritated she was feeling.

100% disappointing.

I quickly did some research and found that a mere mile further down the coast was the National Coastwatch Observatory, complete with a cafe. I told Gemma about this option and just   prayed that it was still open. For the next mile we left the sand and walked through a short section of woodland, it was cool in the shade and a nice change. We soon arrived at Chapel Point Observatory and it was a great relief when we realised that the cafe was actually open. We made full use of the facilities and enjoyed a hot drink. We lingered for a while and I took off my boots to air my sweaty feet.

When we finally mustered enough energy we replaced our footwear and picked up the cement promenade towards Skegness. As we approach Skegness we can see the skyline with all the fair rides and the rooftops. There’s a fair amount of building works on the Northern access into Ingoldmells. Many of the smaller buildings, particularly those on our left are protected by metal fencing. On entering Ingoldmells it was time for me to check the bus timetable back to Mablethorpe. Having establishing which bus we’d require to get us back to the car the next decision to make was where to leave the path. It’s not complicated, I just want to make life easier for myself when I return to Ingoldmells/Skegness next year. I found a narrow footpath exiting the promenade just before the enormous Butlins caravan park. A short walk and we were standing at the bus stop and less then an hour later we were on our way home.

2019 Summary:   

17 Days of walking and 293.8 miles.
Averaging 17.3 miles each day.
I’ve been fortunate with the weather this year and don’t recall many bad weather days. Gemma has walked with me for more days then I had expected at the beginning of the year and I’m pleased about that. Next year hope to do more then 20 days away with 300 miles walked. This should get me close to Felixstowe. See you in 2020.

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