D21: English Coastal Path


Thursday 31st January 2019

Today’s walk: 14.7             Total miles:  287.1


     I stayed  in a really nice B and B last night in Redcar and left there this morning after downing my full English breakfast. I drove the short distance to Middlesbrough and managed to park only a few minutes away from the start of todays walk. I passed the Transporter Bridge and then  Middlesbrough Football Club stadium (named, The Riverside stadium). the area around the ground is open and several works of art are located nearby. The ECP, road and railway line run adjacent to each other for the next mile before the road is left behind and the ECP continues towards the enormous Steel works. According to the map the steel works building is more the a kilometre long and the same distance wide. On reaching the Western edge of the Steel works the path is bordered on both sides by both mesh fencing and vegetation.                        

    On my left is the railway line and on my right are a series of large pipes and as far as I can see the enormous Wilton Chemical works and more plumes of smoke. The path is overgrown in places and I’m pleased I didn’t wear short trousers today. After about 2 miles I reach the road leading towards Coatham Marsh. On reaching the marsh I was amazed how such a pretty area full of wildlife and pretty flowers can exist surrounded by these awful factories. I had too quickly cleared the marsh and was now walking through first Warrenby and then Coatham village, I’m finally back on the coastline with the sea to my left. My left foot was started to hurt and I recognised the starting sign of a blister on my little toe. I reached the promenade heading towards Redcar. This is a smart beachside area with nice shops, a community centre and most importantly a cafe. I ordered myself a hot drink and a flapjack and then removed my boots cos my little toe is more painful then I can bear. I’ve got the biggest reddest blister and it needs bursting. After finishing my drink I popped into the community centre and scrounged a paper clip from the lady behind the counter, I then promptly burst the offending blister.

    For the next 4 miles through Redcar, Marske-by-the-sea and then Saltburn I walked along the promenade and the occasional short section of road. I was tempted to head inland towards the pub where I ate last night but when I checked the map it was further inland then I realised so changed my mind. After arrival in Saltburn I jumped on board the train back to Middlesbrough. Today ended up being much more pleasant then I imagined, once I was clear of the factories the views improved and so did my enjoyment.




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