About me

    I’ve had a serious walking bug for the last 7 Years, I don’t remember how it actually started but I now spend a lot of my time either walking or planning walks. I don’t have any particular preference when it comes to walking either. Some people prefer to only walk up hills and others prefer to stay nearer to sea level, me I don’t mind either option. I’m close to completing my Munro’s, I’ve bagged hundreds of other hills all over the UK and completed several of the national trails. In 2017 I took several weeks off from work and walked from Lands End to John O’Groats. This was an amazing adventure and I loved every minute. When I returned home to Northumberland later that same year I needed a new project and decided to visit the National trails website. I noted immediately chat obout the new English Coastal Path which is due to open officially in 2020 and that was it, new project decided.

   I’m still employed full time so limited to the number of days that I can commit to my walking. Friends still expect me to climb the odd hill now and then so I estimate that I can probably dedicate between 25-30 days to walking along the coast each year. I retire In 2023 and hopefully that will increase.

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